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Does Gluten-Free Lead To Weight Loss?

Celebrities and social media influencers alike attribute gluten-free diets to their weight loss success. While fad diets (including going gluten-fr...

Five Vitamins for Fatigue

We all experience brief periods when energy seems fleeting or non-existent. Normally, if we get rest, a good night of sleep, or a break from strenu...

What Are the Different Types of Fatty Acids?

For decades we have heard that fat was the bad guy; the ingredient that was making our hearts unhealthy and adding extra inches to our waistline. S...

EPA vs. DHA: What's the Difference?

EPA and DHA are both forms of omega-3 fatty acids. Find out what makes them different and why both of them are essential for our bodies.

Seven Potential Brain Fog Causes

Feeling foggy? Find out what is causing your brain fog and how simple lifestyle changes and a cell-supportive supplement may help bring back your clarity.

Intermittent Fasting 101: Benefits and How To Get Started

Intermittent fasting is rising in popularity. If you’re thinking of giving it a go, find out what you should know about the plan and how it works.

Five Signs Your Liver is Struggling

Jokes about “punishing” the liver abounded at college, but as we’ve gotten older we take our liver health seriously. The realization that aging hap...