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Fatty15 to the rescue.

We've discovered that a trace fatty acid called C15:0 has evidence of significantly promoting cellular resilience and general health.
Helping your cells stay stronger and you feeling younger.*

The first essential fatty acid to be discovered in 90 years.†

Here's how fatty15 works:
  • Strengthens our cell membranes

    An 80% improvement in cellular stability.*

  • Boosts our mitochondria

    The batteries of our cells saw a 45% improvement in function.*

  • Promotes our body & mind health

    Activates receptors in our body that regulate metabolism, immunity, mood, sleep and appetite.*

Hand with outstretched fingers holding pill

Ready to give your cells
a fighting chance?

With just one of these little, easy to swallow fatty15 capsules a day
you're promoting a healthier you, including*

  • Healthy immunity
  • Healthy red blood cells
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Healthy liver function
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased stress
  • Decreased snacking
  • Subscribe & save to make it simple.

  • Delivered quarterly to your door.

  • Cancel anytime, no hassle.

  • Free shipping for every refill.

  • Charles Says...
    "After 45 days, I felt more calm and had lost 10 lbs without much of an effort. I don’t know if everyone will have the same outcome but for me it improved my life in noticeable ways."
  • Melanie Says...
    "I am seeing lots of benefits. I feel more motivation and mental energy to achieve tasks. I have started to lose weight...and I generally feel more youthful."
  • Nicole Says...
    "I find myself craving snacks a lot less. Instead of opening the fridge every couple of hours I’m opening a book or going for a walk."
  • Mark Says...
    "Better sleep, more energized and better attitude."
  • Carol Says...
    “I seem to tire less and sleep better.”
  • Abby Says...
    "I am really impressed with my improved focus and energy throughout the day after starting fatty15 and the underlying health benefits of this supplement make it impossible not to recommend!"
  • Christine Says...
    "I feel great!! No brain fog and lots of energy."
  • Alex Says...
    "I've been taking fatty15 for about a month now and am already experiencing the positive benefits! Not only have I been snacking far less, but I've also noticed that my energy level has been much higher, especially around midday which is when I would normally feel fatigued."
  • Renee Says...
    "I was taking sleeping pills every night, but since I started fatty15 I haven't used them once, and I've been an insomniac most of my adult life."
  • Lou Says...
    “Feeling good, mellow but energized.”
  • Jason Says...
    "Good science behind the product!"
  • Monica Says...
    "Feeling less hungry between meals, decrease in dry skin, increased sleep quality and generally calmer."
  • Erika Says...
    “I definitely find myself feeling full faster and generally not as hungry. Also, more energy and a little less stressed.”
  • Eloise Says...
    "I have been taking this for about a month and love it!!!! My skin is plumper, softer and firmer, head to toe. I sleep deeper and just feel wonderful."
  • Kevin Says...
    “So far it’s been very exciting and positive to see the changes in mood and energy.”
  • Sassy Says...
    “I feel that I have more energy overall.”
  • Lyn Says...
    "I can't believe how happy I am with fatty15. It has me energized without calories or caffeine."
  • Jennifer Says...
    "I love this stuff, first time I've been sleeping through the night in over a year."
  • Mary Says...
    "I have a Sleep Number bed that measures my HRV. Before trying the supplement, it measured below 35. Now, it is in the 50’s, which is a great value tor someone who is 67! Fatty 15 works!"
  • Holly Says...
    "My sleep quality improved tremendously, and my skin appears to be firmer and brighter. I look younger than I was before taking fatty15."
  • Amanda Says...
    "I've recommended it [fatty15] to friends my age. It has become the one supplement I take like clockwork."

We take pride in what you have to say about us.

We’ve received a lot of love and are thrilled to share some of the experiences of our happy customers.

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"What began as a passion for working with animals has resulted in an entrepreneurial journey of taking the science from the bay to the lab...and developing a product that people can take to improve health on a cellular level." - Monica Haider, Forbes

"For decades there has been a war on fats such as butter, whole milk, and cheese. But for the first time in 90 years, a San Diego company made an amazing discovery of a new fat, present in butter, and one your body desperately needs." – Steve Atkinson, KGTV ABC10 News

“This discovery [by Seraphina Therapeutics] may elevate C15:0 to the ranks of now hallowed essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 as well as usher in a new dialogue on changing the global guidelines for intake of dietary saturated fatty acids.” – Karen Raterman, New Nutrition Business

“In tests, daily oral supplementation with pure C15:0 for approximately 12 weeks supported healthier cholesterol and glucose homeostasis in obesity models and advanced hepatic form and vitality in liver disease models.”– Vegconomist

“Known as pentadecanoic acid, or C15:0, the dietary saturated fat found in milk, butter, fish, plants and other foods was shown in studies to demonstrate broad health benefits. It would join omega-3 and omega-6 as the only fatty acids considered by nutrition scientists as essential.” – Christopher Doering, FoodDive

"As for the future, Venn-Watson and her team had discovered about 100 molecules naturally present in the serum of both dolphins and humans, that looked like they could protect against the onset of aging-related diseases, so it is very possible we will see more to come from her team. But presently, this discovery of a new [essential] fatty acid is incredibly remarkable." - Micki Wagner, Worth

"I'm a big believer in supplements so I was super intrigued to try Fatty 15, a supplement that is packed with good fats in order to help your cells age well from the inside out. Fatty15 uses only one ingredient: C15:0 (good fats!) to help arm your cells with what they need to age healthily.” - Kelly Gallagher, Byrdie

Healthy you. And a healthy Earth, too.

These two priorities impact everything we do. From the sustainability of our packaging and supply chain. To the purity of our one and only ingredient. There’s no detail too small to consider.

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Us. And why we’re here.

We've dedicated our lives to improving global health. But first, there were sea mammals.