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Fixing C15:0 Deficiencies Helps Slow Aging

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Healthy Cells, Healthy Body

Health starts at the cellular level. Fragile, damaged cells can accelerate aging and lead to chronic metabolic, liver, heart, and immune diseases. The Fatty15 Test evaluates key C15:0 levels, checks your cell membrane's strength, and identifies signs of damaged cells. Understanding your levels allows you to develop a plan to restore your cellular strength and slow cellular aging through diet or supplements.

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fatty15 Test

Powered by Genova Diagnostics

$184+$15 fee

fatty15 Test

Powered by Genova Diagnostics

Blood collection

Prepaid return

HSA/FSA eligible

What's measured on the Fatty15 Test?

The Fatty15 Test assesses your levels of an essential fatty15 acid called C15:0.

C15:0, also known as pentadecanoic acid, is a healthy fat found in dairy products, as well as some fish and plants. C15:0 works to restore and revitalize long-term health at the cellular level by strengthening your cells, maintaining your body's energy production, and regulating cellular signaling that balances your metabolism, immunity, mood, and sleep.



  • What is the Fatty15 Test?

    The Fatty15 Test evaluates your C15:0 levels, checks your cell membrane’s strength, and identifies signs of damaged cells.

  • Where do I go to do my bloodwork?

    You'll complete this test entirely from home. We'll send you a device to prick your finger then you will collect droplets of blood on a special absorbant card. Don't worry, detailed instructions are included and it's relatively painless.

  • Where do I purchase the Fatty15 Test?

    The test is available for purchase directly via Genova on Genova Connect here.

  • How much does the Fatty15 Test cost?

    $184 + $15 Physician Fee. This test is HSA/FSA Eligible.

  • How long will it take to receive my results?

    Typically, result are available 7-17 days after being received by the Genova lab.

  • What is the Physician Fee?

    The $15 physician fee is collected on behalf of a third-party healthcare practitioner (Cynergy Wellness) that will provide independent physician oversight of lab ordering and testing. This fee makes it possible to order testing without having to schedule an appointment with your physician first. The fee does not cover any physician follow-up services. The physician fee is non-refundable.

  • When do I need to return samples to the lab?

    Plan to complete your collection early in the work week and be sure to ship your pack within 24 hours of collection to ensure specimens are viable. You should also note that some collection packs contain materials that expire (this date is printed on the box label). Plan to collect and return your pack well before that date or within 45 days of receiving the collection pack, whichever comes first. If the pack is not returned within this timeline, we may not be able to complete your test.

What's introductory pricing?

You’re among the first to start aging on your own terms.* And we think that calls for a celebration. So we’re offering our fatty15™ 90-day supply for $119.95 (normally $149.95). Start your subscription now to lock in the savings!

What’s included in my pre-order?

  • The Smarter Starter Kit

    1 reusable glass bottle and a 90-day supply of fatty15™.

  • The Quarterly Subscription

    A 90-day supply, delivered to your door quarterly.

  • When will I be billed?

    We'll bill you $119.95 today. Then, $119.95 every 90 days.

  • Ready to give your cells a fighting chance?

    We are too. Let’s do it!