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Dr. Mark Hyman & Healthy Aging

Published by Dr. Venn-Watson
Dr. Eric Venn-Watson’s Highlights
    • Dr. Mark Hyman released his latest book, Young Forever, which provides helpful insights into how we can age healthily.
    • He shared with Insider that a C15:0 supplement (aka fatty15) is part of his healthy aging morning routine.
    • C15:0 targets key hallmarks of aging, which helps to reverse age-related breakdown.*

Can we live forever?

Science isn’t quite backing that we can live forever, but extraordinary advances have been made to help us live as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

Dr. Mark Hyman, a world-renowned functional medicine physician and longevity expert, released his latest book, Young Forever, which dissects everything you need to know about healthy aging.

Here, we talk about what it means to age healthily, how reversing aging-related breakdown is now possible, and why Dr. Hyman includes a C15:0 supplement (fatty15) as part of his healthy aging regimen.

What does it mean to “age healthily”?

Since we can’t literally turn back time, there isn’t anything we can do to stop how many years we have lived (aka, our chronological age). We can, however, slow down the speed to which we physically break down over time (aka, our biological age). 

To age healthily is an endeavor of maintaining our physical and mental health, despite the passing of chronological time. This is how, as mentioned in the Insider article, Dr. Hyman has a biological age of 43 years old, despite having lived for 63 years - and running.

The goal of aging healthily is less about living forever, and more about maintaining  our health for as long as possible. This is why instead of working to expand our lifespan, experts like Dr. Hyman are helping us to maximize our healthspan.

Introducing the hallmarks of aging.

You can’t fight what you can’t see. For centuries, reversing aging was considered science fiction because we didn't really understand how we actually “aged.” Today, however, a slew of  scientists have identified the hallmarks of aging, which includes thefollowing cellular changes:

  • Deregulated nutrient-sensing. The nutrients we eat tell our cells what to do. Ate a donut? Turn up just enough insulin to store that glucose. When we get older, our cells aren’t as good at responding to nutrients, resulting in malfunctioned metabolism, including insulin resistance and chronic hyperglycemia.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction. Remember those powerhouses of our cells? As we get older, our cells’ batteries stop working as well, resulting in less energy (aka, ATP) and more harmful reactive oxygen species.
  • Cellular senescence. When our cells stay youthful and functioning, so do we. Aging, however, starts when our cells stop functioning as well, resulting in their early demise (aka senescence).
  • Altered intercellular communication. In order to keep our metabolism, immunity, and other functions balanced, our cells need to be able to talk to each other. Good communication between cells equals a well run factory that keeps us up and running. When we get older, these communication systems break down, resulting in cells - and bodies - that are out of balance.

*Other hallmarks of aging include stem cell exhaustion, genomic instability, telomere attrition, epigenetic alterations, and loss of proteostasis. 

So, why does Dr. Hyman include C15:0 (fatty15) in his healthy aging routine?

Glad you asked! Fatty15, made of pure C15:0 (“see-fifteen” aka pentadecanoic acid), is a good and healthy odd-chain saturated fatty acid that science is showing has the ability to support –– 

Now, that’s a lot of healthy aging benefits in one small pill.

The secret to healthy aging: Reversing hallmarks of aging

Today, the demonstrated benefits of healthy aging practices - including daily exercise (aerobic and strength training), a healthy diet, and dietary supplements, including fatty15  - are linked to reversing one or more of these hallmarks of aging. 

In addition to Dr. Hyman sharing with Insider that he takes a C15:0 supplement (aka fatty15) as part of his morning healthy aging routine, here are a few more real customer testimonials on how fatty15 is helping to support their healthy aging:*

“Despite my work intensity and personal responsibilities being at all time highs, I have noticed that my mood and anxiety levels are dramatically improved. I have been waking up more energized and can get through a long day without feeling as physically or mentally tired. My performance in the gym and during cardiovascular exercise has also improved since taking Fatty15.” -Kevin F

“I have been taking fatty 15 for a few months now and I have definitely noticed an increase in my energy. I have also noticed that my skin looks better and my hair is thicker.”  -Nancy

“My sleep quality improves tremendously, and my skin appears to be firmer and brighter. I look younger than I was before taking fatty15.” -Holly L

“As a senior citizen I had developed a habit of taking afternoon power naps almost daily. Since starting Fatty15 I find that I no longer need the naps.” -Herb W

Join our global movement and get your fatty15 healthy aging routine started today!

More References

Check out the latest science on C15:0 at www.discoverC15.com

Learn more from Dr. Mark Hyman at https://drhyman.com/

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