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Cellular Health Supplements: The Importance of C15

Published by Dr. Venn-Watson
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  • Supporting your cellular health is an essential part of your wellness.

    There are certain parameters that a cellular health supplement should meet to be effective. 

    Taking fatty15 can support your cells, and reverse aging on a cellular level. 

Cellular health has flown into the spotlight recently, but if you’re confused about it, chances are you probably aren’t taking care of your cells as best as you can. Cellular health refers to the health and function of every cell in your body. Taking care of your cells in turn, improves our overall health and wellness. 

If you’re ready to take steps to protect your cells, consider a supplement. Supplements help by filling in dietary gaps and offering specific benefits that help specific functions and structures in our bodies, like our cells. 

What Should I Look for in a Cellular Health Supplement?

Before choosing a cellular health supplement, you need to know what features are most beneficial. 

A good cellular health supplement should include:

  • Cell Membrane Protection. The membranes that surround our cells can become weak and flimsy with age. Cellular health supplements should be able to support and strengthen the membranes so our cells keep their shape, a crucial component of ensuring proper function.
  • Mitochondrial Modulation. The mitochondria of the cells keep them powered to carry out their functions. With age, mitochondria lose their steam. You’ll want to find a supplement that boosts mitochondrial function to keep your cells fully charged.
  • Cellular Signaling. Cells interact with one another to ensure our bodies are in a constant state of balance or homeostasis. When cells lose the ability to communicate properly through oxidative stress, aging, or both, we may experience changes in homeostatic functions like sleep, mood, appetite, cholesterol, and glucose levels. A cellular supplement that can help support cellular signaling can have a ripple effect on these functions. 

Now that you know the basics, you can look for a cellular health supplement that checks all the boxes. 

C15:0: Checking All the Boxes

One cellular health supplement checks all the boxes and then some, C15:0. C15:0 is a newly discovered as essential, odd-chain, saturated fatty acid. In fact, it is the first essential fatty acid (one our bodies need it to thrive but can’t readily make it on our own) to be discovered in over 90 years. C15:0 has the incredible power of improving our cellular health and reversing cellular aging by: 

  • Strengthening Cellular Membranes. C15:0 is a sturdy fatty acid that integrates into cell membranes, improving cellular strength by 80 percent
  • Boosting Mitochondria. C15:0 repairs mitochondrial function, increases cell energy outputs, and reduces oxidative stress in the cells by 45 percent. In one study, C15:0 increased ATP (energy) in cells by 350 percent
  • Activating PPARɑ and PPARẟ Receptors.These receptors control homeostatic functions related to your metabolic health (cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels) and regulate sleep, appetite, and mood. By activating these receptors, C15:0 helps bring these functions back into balance. 

You can find C15:0 as the primary (and only) ingredient in fatty15. This once-a-day supplement was born from scientific discovery and gives you the keys you need to support your cells, one vegan-friendly capsule at a time. Science supports that it has 3x more clinically relevant benefits and is safer for your cells than the purest, highest performing omega-3s.

Fatty15 is the world's first, and only science-backed, patented, award-winning C15:0 supplement that supports your cells and your long-term health & wellness.*


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